Brookes & Hyde

Newcastle Brown Casual Belt


The perfect jeans belt. At 35mm wide (approximately 1 3/8”), our casual belt offers a classic and timeless look for any outfit. Paired with a roller buckle. 

BELT DIMENSIONS: 1 3/8″ wide

SIZING GUIDE: Our belts are measured from the start of the buckle (where the buckle meets the leather) to the middle hole of the belt. The normal way to measure your belt size, is to go one up from your pant size. Best way to indicate what belt size to get is to measure your waist size and then refer to the chart below to determine which belt size would fit best.

Pant Size 30 (Belt Size 32 )
Pant Size 32 (Belt Size 34)
Pant Size 34 (Belt Size 36)
Pant Size 36 (Belt Size 38)
Pant Size 38 (Belt Size 40)
Pant Size 40 (Belt Size 42)
Pant Size 42 (Belt Size 44)