Care Instructions

All Brookes & Hyde goods are individually crafted and made to fit your lifestyle for decades. We source the best leather in the world found in Chicago, Illinois at one of America’s oldest and last standing tanneries, Horween. From the tonal variations, scars, and veins, each product is a celebration of the natural process of vegetable tanning. Each leather product is different from the next. It’s why we celebrate Crafted for Lifestyle here at Brookes & Hyde. The more you use your goods, the more they are a reflection of the lifestyle that you implore.

Leather does change over time, it’s what adds to the beauty of the product. As your goods become more and more apart of your lifestyle, the leather will become softer in look and feel, and the color will slowly begin to age. We recommend keeping your product out of the sun for prolonged periods of time. Should your product get wet, use a soft cloth to get rid of the moisture. You can use any type of natural or neutral leather care to help clean and rejuvenate some life into your product. Do not over use leather conditioner on your products. You can also use neutral colored shoe cream to help darken and enhance the quality of life in your product.

If your product does get wet, a water stain may occur and color transfer is possible, so please keep the product away from white and light clothing if this happens.